Choosing Management Software For Your Delivery Fleet

18 November 2018
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The days of using pen and paper to manage a large fleet of vehicles are long past. If your business relies on a fleet of delivery trucks for its day-to-day operations, then software to track and manage those vehicles is an absolute must. Because the business needs of carriers vary so much, the market for software applications that manage truck fleets has become massive and there are more options than ever. Read More 

3 Things That An IT Consultant Can Do For Your Business

7 August 2018
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You might think that IT consultants really only provide services for bigger companies; however, an IT consultant can actually provide a lot of useful services for your own business as well, regardless of the industry in which you might be involved. These are some of the things that one of these consultants can help you with in regards to your business. 1. Help You Make Changes to Your Current Technology Setup Read More 

Three Checks Your It Support Should Make When The Power Goes Out

26 January 2018
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Power surges or blackouts are not always something predictable. If everyone is in the office working and the electricity goes out, this can lead to a lag in production. There is likely nothing that everyone can do except take a break when the electricity goes out. Once the power does come back on, it is important that you all do not jump right back into work. Instead, it support should perform a few checks first. Read More 

Three Steps To Passively Track Your Currency Investments

30 December 2017
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Investing in currency is one of the many ways that people can create investments that always pay off. Choosing currency as an investment gives you many choices. You can decide to put your money on the currency of another country as well as in cryptocurrency. If there is cryptocurrency that you have laid down a hefty investment in, tracking this currency will be new. Since most systems have not existed for longer than a few years, it is important to track your investment on a daily basis. Read More 

College Book Money: Ways To Make Cash Without Even Leaving Campus

23 February 2017
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One of the biggest expenses that can come with a new semester is paying for books. Whether they are hardcover or digital copies, you can end up spending hundreds of dollars on books for various classes. A single year in college can rack up costs of around $1,200 or up to $200 for a single book. Before you start taking out loans to pay for these books, you can find different ways to easily pay them off. Read More