Pros And Cons Of Relocating Your Data Center To Another Country

21 September 2018
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Data center relocation is as common now as outsourcing jobs. You can move the data center down the street, in the next city or state over, or even to another country. There are definite pros and cons to moving your data center to another country, if that interests you.


CHEAP  Service

As with anything that is transported to another country, data centers relocated can result in lower provider fees and storage fees. When you also agree to share tower space with other companies that have relocated, your monthly service fees drop even more. If and when you need to expand your data storage, the towers in the foreign data center location are able to accommodate you.

Plenty of Space

Foreign data center locations are massive buildings, like warehouses, that can house dozens to hundreds of data center towers. Many times there are tons of towers that are not in use, which allows for current customers to expand, adjust, and scale their data storage needs. These buildings and the towers are secured nightly to prevent physical hacks.


Proprietary Information on Foreign Soil

If your data storage towers house a lot of proprietary information, you might be a little uncomfortable about having your towers on foreign soil. Despite the fact that these places install plenty of security measures, and that hackers would have to know exactly which towers to physically hack, it may still make you a tad uneasy. However, you could relocate data that has no real value to cyber criminals. Then you would sleep easy at night and still create more physical and virtual space at work/in your office building.

Long Distance Service May Not Be So Great

Say you want to pull up customer information, and that information was moved to an overseas center because this particular customer has been inactive for some time. The problem arises when it becomes difficult to pull that information because of the distance over which the data must transmit. There may be lags or disturbances in the transmission, and the occasional dropped transmission of data.

Lesser quality foreign service providers are often to blame. If you relocate your data center with a higher quality service provider, you may pay more, but you will also experience these issues less often, if at all. A better option is to relocate your data center to the Cloud, which places your data as close or as far away as you want it. Contact a service, like Rack Lift, for more help.