Three Checks Your It Support Should Make When The Power Goes Out

26 January 2018
 Categories: Technology, Blog


Power surges or blackouts are not always something predictable. If everyone is in the office working and the electricity goes out, this can lead to a lag in production. There is likely nothing that everyone can do except take a break when the electricity goes out. Once the power does come back on, it is important that you all do not jump right back into work. Instead, it support should perform a few checks first. Here are three checks that IT support needs to do once the power comes back on after being cut out. 

If there was any damage to the system

At times, shorts or surges in the electrical system can cause issues with the running programs on the end of the client or the workers. In order to determine if there were any major disruptions that need to be repaired, the IT support staff should take a look at the website and systems before anyone else logs in. This way they can patch any issues and restore the system back to its original working levels prior to major issues that occur. Have IT support personnel go into each part of the system to make sure that every program is working as it should be. 

Determine what was last saved

When the electricity goes out, there may be a lag in what was saved via the system. If your computer systems have automatically saving system installed into the computers, they likely save every few seconds or every few minutes. If employees were inputting information into the system, there is a chance that things were not saved. Have IT look at the last time that items were saved into the system. Have them send an email announcement determining what was last saved so that employees know what to reenter into the computer system. 

Find out if there are any security holes

At times, a systemwide outage can be a direct result of a security breach. Hackers may be able to get into the computer system of a company and shut the system down or interrupt access by the owners of the system. Have IT support personnel log into the back door entrance of the system to determine if it appears that anyone else was active during the period that the electricity was down. If it appears that a hacker was inside of the system, the IT support should do what they can to track down the hackers and up the security of the system.